LiLi Scandalous, provocative and outrageous, colorful and sexy singer. LiLi (Miami, USA) recently started a musical career, but with serious ambitions and with giant strides forward, sweeping away everything in its path. LiLi performs songs in English & Spanish. In the U.S., the first album «Hello, Russia!», who are already interested in the known producers in the United States. It includes songs of American and European authors. The songs were recorded in studios in the USA and across Europe. LiLi has a bright tone, winning, bright and immaculate appearance, powerful energy, sexy, young, beautiful, intelligent, photo-and telegenic, with professional choreographic training, artistic, outrageous star. On stage it is - unique! LILI has won the title of "Miss best bust", in 2011 (RF), and later won the title of "Queen of the Scene 2011" (RF). She also "Miss internet world 2011", «Miss Superstar Miami» - 2013." In 2013, LiLi provides tour promo-tour in China «Soho»-clubs, more than 60 concerts, is preparing to release a single, «China Hello!» And the cover of the magazine "BAZAR" (China). Program in English for 30 minutes. Artist have more than 10 original chic costumes for the stage And the new, and its main goal for the near future is HOLLYWOOD. LiLi - MUST SEE! PS: Will be first book, memorandum LiLi LEV.